Team O.S.S.

We each have our own version of a connection to Autoimmune Diseases, whether personally suffering or witnessing a close friend or family member. Read about our Team members to learn more about us and how we share from our experiences; we certainly look forward to hearing from you and learning about your story, too. To Contact us or submit a general inquiry, please click here.

Audrey Fisher Killen, Founder & Executive Director

Audrey Fisher Killen

Diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis in 2009, Audrey immediately began focusing on filling her time with positive ways to deal with this whirlwind of a life-changer. With her father already suffering from Rheumatoid Arthritis, she quickly realized the Autoimmunity connection between the two and jumped into action, creating Operation Shooting Star from scratch to begin a fight against all Autoimmune Diseases. To read more about how Operation Shooting Star began, please click here.

In addition to running an organization, Audrey stays active in many other ways. To continuously replenish her positive energy levels, she also spends time dedicated to her other passions, all while maintaining a full time job. Audrey is an active member of the Southern Sussex Rotary club, and when she is not serving the community through those projects, she enjoys swimming, running, participating in local community theatre, and spending time with her dogs. She has been happily married to her husband since 2007, and lives a mere 3.1 miles from her parents’ house, as family is very important. With no children, only fur babies, Audrey often refers to Operation Shooting Star as her “baby”, as it has become her most important focus in life. As her number one ‘Passion Project’, Audrey is determined to make a difference in the world of Autoimmunity and its diseases, and she is thrilled that you have come here to join her on this mission.

To learn more about Audrey’s personal MS diagnosis, please click here.

To contact Audrey directly, you may reach her via email at

Gretchen Schoenstein, National Ambassador

Gretchen Schoenstein

Gretchen has dealt with multiple auto immune diseases, including but not limited to Hashimoto’s and Sarcoidosis. She was diagnosed with Hashis when she was a young adolescent and Sarcoid struck her down in the Fall of 2006, unable to walk or breathe well. As someone who has to pay close attention to her body, Gretchen has tried to maintain her health for both physical and mental benefits. After her sarcoid diagnosis, she was told she’d never run again - which initially she was ‘okay’ with but it led to living a very fear-based and cautious life. After 3.5 years of this new normal, and some big unexpected life changes, Gretchen decided to train for a half marathon in 2010, against doctors orders. The emotion and accomplishment Gretchen felt upon completion of that goal, and a recovery that did not kick her out of the game but was simply more information to process, she then decided to run another and another all across the country. In October 2016, Gretchen ran her 50th half marathon exactly 10 years to the week she’d been laying in the hospital bed for eight days on a morphine drip. As that event approached, Gretchen knew she wanted the milestone to mean something more than a number and so she reached out to Operation Shooting Star and Audrey in hopes of connecting with the organization and making her 50th half marathon a fundraising effort to help OSS’s mission of raising funds and awareness about the more than 80 auto immune diseases that affect more than 24 million Americans, in many cases severely hampering their way of life. Gretchen is extremely proud to be a National Ambassador for Operation Shooting Star, and more importantly to consider Audrey a friend and ally in this fight for awareness and a cure.

To contact Gretchen directly, you may reach her via email at