How To Become A Sponsor

Operation Shooting Star was created in order to send proceeds directly to research without deducting money to pay for expenses or administrative costs. O.S.S. is made up of family and friends who volunteer their time and effort and we DO NOT take money for administrative salaries. However, as with any non-profit or charity, expenses ensue in order to make fundraisers happen and to be successful. Therefore, we need the help of sponsors to help pay for fundraising venues, food, entertainment, etc. By doing this, we can assure people who attend our fundraisers that every penny they give is truly making a difference. The goal is to be able to send 100% of the money that is raised on the DAY OF and AT the fundraiser straight to research centers for Autoimmune Diseases.

Some people may ask ‘Why not just take the money that we would give O.S.S. and send it to research ourselves?’ That is a very good question and our answer to that is simple…we will work hard at turning your initial sponsorship into a larger amount by being able to hold a fundraiser. For example, if it costs us $10,000 to have a successful golf outing and after party then potentially we could turn that into $15,000 to $20,000 based on the number of people in attendance. Now, the research center is getting more than the original amount provided by the sponsor. This process could essentially go on and on and become more efficient with each fundraiser.

Thank you for taking the time to acknowledge the fact that we need help to keep moving forward. We are excited to continue our efforts to support researchers who are working so hard to find a cure for Autoimmune Diseases.

We truly appreciate our sponsors because they allow us to stand by our word and allocate 100% of net proceeds directly to research and Autoimmune Disease Advocacy. O.S.S. will do whatever we can to make sure people know of your business and generosity. If you or your business is interested please call or email Audrey Killen at 302.542.2393 or Thank you.