Operation Shooting Star is dedicated to sending 100% of proceeds directly to research. We believe that if we motivate researchers to find a cure in individual autoimmune diseases, then essentially they will be able to use that information to cure other diseases with the same root issues…"Cure One to Cure All".

Currently, we are supporting the research programs for Multiple Sclerosis at the University Of Maryland School Of Medicine in Baltimore, Maryland. Though the center focuses on MS, their research efforts extend into the world of Autoimmunity. This leads us to believe that they are not only trying to find the cure for MS and how it specifically affects the body but also to find the cure for the underlying cause (Autoimmunity) which is the factor in over 80 autoimmune diseases.

It is our belief that this idea will work with any autoimmune disease research. We would like to support any accredited research center that is dedicated to focusing on autoimmunity in addition to the specific disease of which they are committed. Please contact us by mail or email with any information on research centers across the country that you would like to see benefit from our fundraising.

The Maryland Center for Multiple Sclerosis